Goji berries- Does deserve their A-list status?

Wolfberry, also called scarlet, more specifically its fruits – goji berries (Lycium barbarum) have been consumed by humans for thousands of years. According to Chinese medicine, this fruit has the ability to regenerate the liver and kidneys, relieve respiratory ailments, even treat infertility. It is to help us relieve fatigue, improve concentration, recover from illness. But is it all true, or maybe another money making product? Modern specialists, above all  marketing, also convince us that goji berries are elixirs of youth, supporting immunity, prolonging the life of nerve cells, a way to civilization diseases (diabetes and hypertension), mood ameliorators, and finally to support healthy weight loss. Let’s learn bit more about this!

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The Golden Seed of the Incas!

Products such as goji berries, spirulina or amaranth have become popular on celebrity tables. How do we know about it? The celebrities of this world are happy to share their “super-meal” photos on their social profiles. Their impeccable figures, energy and vitality beating from the photos, constitute a living (and very suggestive) advertisement of the beneficial properties of a healthy diet.


One of the products included in superfoods is quinoa (kee-wa) , which occurs under the name exotic for us. Just a few years ago, most people asked about the meaning of this foreign-sounding word, would probably be frantically searching for associations with the African dialect. Today, many of us, especially those who attach importance to nutrition and a healthy lifestyle will share tried-and-tested recipes for dishes using it. Where does this popularity come from? First of all, lets check what is that all about!

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