Light it up!


May its here, you can feel it in the air! Well, as long as you not live at North West of England where currently weather become very moody and treating us with constant wind, raining and bit of sunshine from time to time. But don’t be sad, Barbecue season has arrived and nothing can’t spoil this as long we don’t lose our spirits!



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Poland. The very name of this country gives me strong emotions. Not only because of the fact that it was my home for over 24 years. I believe, this beautiful piece of land located in the very center of Europe has two extremely different faces. A bit like a parent- alcoholic. We love him and we hate him at the same time.

On the one hand, we see it through the primacy of such vast literature, art and culture, and all this is surrounded by the band of age traditions and values about which teachers for many years have tortured us in all schools. National self-awareness in Polish society is at a very high level.

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