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Whipping cream

Pour 600 g of 30% cream at a temperature of about 17 ° C into a container or whipping device you choose
turn the appliance on and start churning – it takes about 5 minutes
the cream will change its consistency – from liquid, through whipped cream, to a thin liquid (buttermilk) with clearly separated lumps of yellow fat (butter)
finish tamping


Separation of butter from buttermilk

In a large bowl place a sieve and place the butter on it, draining the buttermilk.

Buttermilk pour into a container, eg a jar – you can drink it later or make a cocktail or pancakes with it.

It has a thinner consistency than bought in a shop and is therefore not suitable for all recipes using buttermilk


Rinsing butter

Drain the collected butter from the sieves forming a compact body,
put the obtained shape into a bowl with cold water.

By kneading with a hand or spoon, rinse buttermilk residue from the butter – buttermilk residues can badly affect the taste and durability of the product.

Replace the water in the bowl and repeat the operation until the water stays clean


Forming butter

Give the butter the shape you want!


Put ready butter into a churn or other container.
Store in the refrigerator for about 10 days.

Excess butter you can:
Freeze – pack them in a bag or special container and store in the freezer for 6-8 months or convert into clarified butter.


Apart from the obvious matter – home-made butter is better, because you made it yourself with your own hands! It has also several other points of advantage over the shop spreads.

The advantages of home-made butter

  • you know what it’s made of
  • contains naturally occurring lactic bacteria
  • it is less processed
  • by-product – buttermilk
  • you can show your child how butter is made
  • taste, smell, consistency


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      1. I can’t guarantee you not gonna get fat 😀
        In my opinion its defenatelly more healthy to make your own butter rather than shop one, coz you know how exactly and what it is made of and it’s a lot of fun too! If you looking for more nutrition information, please read full article about butter 🙂 you can find link at top of recipe, enjoy reading 🙂

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