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Mad dog – the king of Polish events


Furious (Mad) Dog – shot consisting of vodka, Tabasco sauce, concentrated raspberry juice or concentrated blackcurrant juice. A mad dog should be drunk with one sip, because the juice soothes the taste of vodka and Tabasco.

chilled vodka – 30 ml
raspberry juice – 20 ml
Tabasco – 3-5 drops
The method of preparing a drink

Pour the heavily chilled vodka into a chilled glass, wait for 15 seconds, then pour the raspberry juice, and finally – tabasco sauce. Take a moment to admire the beautiful white and red composition.

Blue Shark


Blue Shark, unlike another drink with an equally dangerous name, Piranhia, is a real killer. This is the perfect drink for those who are late for the party and have a few queues to make up for.

My recipe for Blue Shark consisted of the same alcohol, but then the drink comes out very sweet, so I add a little lemon juice for balance. Very strong, even someone with a strong head can knock off his legs. At the same time it is a very simple drink – you do not need a shaker, mixer or anything except glass and alcohol.

50 ml of vodka
50 ml Blue Curacao liqueur
50 ml of gin
25 ml of lemon juice

Put a few ice cubes into the glass, pour alcohol and lemon juice and mix. Blue Curacao liqueur can be replaced with a non-alcoholic bartending syrup with the same taste, then the drink is slightly weaker, but it still feels good kick in it.

Enjoy carefully!!!


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