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Vegetable shashliks




Here are the ingredients for vegetable shashliks:

Red pepper

green pepper







soy sauce




How to make vegetable shashliks?

All vegetables should be thoroughly washed and peeled, if possible. Then cut into pieces or slices and season with salt, pepper, soy sauce and herbs. Marinate for a few minutes. Stew sticks for shashlik in cold water so that they absorb water. We prick vegetables in different sequences. We put on a pre-warmed grill and cover it under the dome. If we want the vegetables to be softer, we can put them in aluminum foil and pour over with oil or add butter. Bake for about 15 minutes, for a golden color. Such prepared vegetable shashliks can be served with vinaigrette or barbecue sauce.


Pork neck


Pork meat is great for a barbecue. It has the right amount of fat, so it will not be dry and shredded during baking. It is best to slightly break and marinate the pork neck in herbs: oregano, basil, thyme and a little savory. We will make the marinade sauce preferably from a mixture of honey, garlic, balsamic vinegar and olive oil. Marinade from beer will protect the meat from drying out, and in addition will reduce the formation of carcinogenic substances during grilling. It is worth choosing a dark beer that will give a caramel flavor – alcohol will evaporate during baking.

Grilled pork neck in mustard




Here are the ingredients for a pork neck in mustard:

400 g of pork neck

5 tablespoons of mustard or horseradish mustard




lemon juice


How to make a pork neck for mustard?

The pork neck should be thoroughly ground with a meat pestle. Chopped pieces will not stick to the top if we cover part of the meat with food foil. Next, we marinate in mustard, honey and lemon juice. Season with salt and pepper. Pork should be in seasoning for at least 24 hours in the fridge. If we do not have that much time, just wait 2-3 hours to get the fragility and taste. Spread out the sides of the pork neck on a hot grill and fry for about 10 minutes in golden color. The meat prepared in this way is served with garlic or tomato sauce.

Grilled chicken breast



Chunks of chicken are one of the most frequently chosen parts of meat for barbecue. Marinated legs, spicy wings and grilled breasts will be perfect. The latter should be marinated beforehand so that the meat is not dry and unpalatable. Wrap them with bacon, Parma ham or zucchini slices to protect the juice flowing out. Fillets can be gently broken or cut in half.

Grilled chicken breast with sun-dried tomatoes


Here are the ingredients for a chicken breast with sun-dried tomatoes:

2 chicken breasts

4 dried tomatoes

4 slices of bacon





lemon juice



How to make a grilled chicken breast with sun-dried tomatoes?

Cut chicken breast in half and marinate in lemon juice and honey. Season with salt, pepper, marjoram and oregano. We leave it in the fridge for 24 hours. Cut tomatoes into cubes and put them through chicken fillets. Then wrap the bacon slices. Bake on the grill for 8 minutes to obtain a crispy crust. We serve with the addition of herbal dressing or garlic sauce.



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