„A winner is a dreamer who never gives up”
Nelson Mandela

More than 3 years ago, 29th of August 2014 I arrived to city in North West of England.
6 days- that long its took me from making decision to changing my entire life. I remember this time very well.

Just one day before my trip I was siting with my dear friend and her boyfriend in her car, drinking beer at back sit and chatting about some bullshits.

Unfortunately this couple has been very quarrelsome and situation get bit hot. After few moments I just interrupted them by saying: “please stop it, tomorrow afternoon I’m moving to England. I meet you to say goodbye”. I clearly remember the silence after this words. They just need a while to start asking me questions. They never expect that rapid step from me. To be honest I didn’t expected that also. I just had one chance and I took it. Next day I alredy been in a coach. My daughter been 5 years old. I couldn’t take her with me but I have to do something with our life. My mother proposed me a solution. She had to stayed with her.

I left all my life behind.

Journey took 3 days, and I’ve sleeped about 4 hours in total. I met a girl in a coach so my journey hasn’t been that lonely. She gave me some basic knowlage abot lifestyle in England.

When we get to Cannes in France, our coach and us has been taken on ferry. I still remember the gorgeous white, rocky coast of England.

“If you can’t fly then run,
if you can’t run then walk,
if you can’t walk then crawl,
but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.”
Martin Luther King Jr.

First city what I saw in Englad was Dover. Architecture and stunning views make me fall in love in this place immediately. For me, it was like entering another and unknown world, and defenately a beginning of new adventure.

From Dover we headed to London and from there all of people was spreading over to deferent direction, including my new friend, who was heading to Leeds. I had about 5 hours waiting for my coach to Preston. I went to Backingam palace and to wonder around just with map in my hand.


I arrived to Preston at following morning. I traveled almost 2 000 km (1242 miles) with just one bag, 20 pounds in my pocket, with just basic English, knowing only one person in entire country. All this to start my life over again. Now, after more than 3 years I not regret this decision.

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